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Az utóbbi időben eltűntem kicsit, de most elárulom, hogy mi volt az egyik oka.
A KLC School of Design meghirdetett egy londoni ösztöndíjat, amit egy fő nyerhetett meg, és erre készítettem el a pályázatom, amit most meg is osztok veletek.

Sajnos a végső győztes nem én lettem (valljuk be, hogy elég kicsi volt rá az esély, hogy a több ezer jelentkező közül pont engem válasszanak), de minden pillanatát nagyon élveztem a készülésnek. Ráadásul ettől független is nagyon pozitív visszajelzéseket kaptam.

Nektek mi a véleményetek?

I was away for a while, but I had a great project to fulfill. The KLC School of Design had a competition to win a free interior design course in London. Only one person could win this, and I created my plans in the last several weeks for this.

Unfortunately I was not that one person who won (to be honest there was a small chance to become the winner among thousands of applicants), but I enjoyed my work very much. What's more I got very nice compliments and encouragement from the schools, so I'm really happy!

What do you think about it?

·         Couple (in their 30s) with two children (age 3 and 2)
·         One of them works from home
·         Have a Norfolk terrier

Village house in Sussex
Grade 2 listed detached Victorian villa (1860)
6 acres of garden, orchards and paddocks

Create a kitchen/informal dining/family room – include:
·         boots and coats storage,
·         comfortable seating
·         laundry and storage for cleaning equipment

·         elegant
·         serene
·         modern
·         practical

My concept:

I wanted to create a space which reflects the outside area of the property but fits for the couple’s notions.

The colour palette is based on the exterior paint of the house. I used the exterior’s beige-grey colour as a base, and then I created its contrasts and combined them with their different shades and tones. So this is two colour’s different variations.


I recommend natural materials (linen, cotton, wool, leather, concrete and wood) which are supplemented with elegant accents such as silk, velvet and antique brass. It’s important that all the textiles can be easily cleaned. I chose different materials and fabrics to enhance the children’s perceptions when they interact with them. Smooth-rough, cold-warm, hard-soft, shiny-matt, cold-warm.


Family room:

I imagined traditional lines with modern, clean shape which showcase a timeless elegance with a little bit of craziness for the kids. A convertible family space where some of the furniture can be moved easily to fit for the needs. I designed a centre area for the kids with a lot of poufs and floor pillows and an inside swing (which is detachable). The serene base colours are perfectly supplemented the brighter and happier accent ones. The different surfaces can be incentive and playful for the small children.


I’ve created a lot of storage in the kitchen area where the main cabinets are beige-grey but the island is greyish navy with brass stools and hardware. All the kitchen hardware is contemporary minimalist design with a hint of industrial feeling to contrast the timeless elegance of the cabinets.
Next to the laundry section, in the line of the kitchen island is a perfect place for a coffee or tea bar. It is an easy access area but no one would disturb the cooking process. The placement of the kitchen appliances was designed to achieve an ergonomic and functional area where adults can work while the children are playing or eating in a safer zone but still close.

Additional idea: the formal dining room is a little bit far from the kitchen and need to use stairs to approach it, so I suggest making a small service kitchen in the formal dining room which is hidden in cabinets.

Entry/laundry area:

At the rear door I wanted to create a mud room corner with laundry equipment and an elevated dog shower with storage. It is not only useful for dog owners but also come handy when dirty boots or clothes need to clean quickly. There should be placed a boot rack on the wall behind the door. Above and under the dog shower there is plenty of space for detergents and cleaning tools.
On the other side of the door, there is a bench with coat hooks and storages for shoes and other small stuffs. This should be the part of the kitchen counter system. The material and design is the same as the counters and cabinets so it will lead the eye and create more homogeny.

Window seat:

At the side French doors I planned a corner window seat with lots of pillows and storages inside the bench. I don’t think the space needs a small table here, but can be placed too. I also planned this as a part of the kitchen counter system, same materials and colours, and I used the same pillows (style and colour) as in the family room. In the benches the clients can store toys, pillows, blankets etc.

Dog corner:
Every dog needs a permanent place where it can be with its owners. I’ve planned a corner for the family’s Norfolk terrier next to the kitchen stairs under the window. It is also close to the main entrance. Maybe a small dog door can be integrated into the rear entrance (where the dog shower is) too. These cabinets could be a build in storage (same style as the kitchen) where all the dog equipment can be kept: food, toys, treats, leash etc. The built in dog cabinet can also contain the bowls in a drawer.
In the rest of the cabinet additional cleaning tools can be stored too.

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  1. Már töviről hegyire kiveséztük, de azért ... Még mindig fedezek fel apró részleteket, ötleteket, amik tetszenek. Pl. a nappaliban a függő hinta ...


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